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Process is more important than results at "Meditation and More" . "Baby crow" was an insightful and surprising result which helped me form words around my theme at the time; hunger.      


Patterns also have their charms and colours. Breaking them is exciting. Today I said "no" to my son because it was what I felt. I didn't say "yes" because it would have avoided discomfort. Already I am judging myself that I could have chosen to do the "nice" thing. Not the "right" thing. I have a lot of inner research to do on this one because I have a tyrant inside me who thinks I should lie down and let everyone walk all over me. I also have a recalcitrant side that won't put up with lying down all the time. I'm willing to experiment with these things. "No" is O.K.. "yes" is O.K.. The one is not better than the other but doing the "right" thing is being at one with myself and my world even when my being at one is uncomfortable for me and/or someone else. Does being at one always feel comfortable? The tyrant says “yes”. The tyrant has all the answers which is precisely why I don’t believe her. I've kept the tyrant on for some reason or another but now I'm questioning her. I like the light in between the colours in today’s circle. - december 2011-

Crowning Shadows
My shadows used to scare me. Now they had crowns and voices and I was laughing....