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Meditation & More

Meditation and more

Not good, bad, better, worse, or should be, but time and a place to be who you are

This course takes place on 4 Tuesday evenings or Friday afternoons.
We begin with meditative movement; slow, fast, playful and sensitive. Attention will be given to breathing, the senses and what you experience. There will be an opportunity to give and receive feedback.
We will practise some meditative techniques that you can easily practise at home.
In the second half of the evening or afternoon we will use creative material which you have brought yourself in the form of a poem, object, song etc. or with clay, painting and drawing materials which will be provided. Again, your own experiences are central. During this part there will be more opportunities to share with each other and take time for your personal process.

This course is for everyone who is curious about themselves and would like to do some more exploring.